One day we asked ourselves: what initially motivated us to start our own practice?

What was our perception of our everyday working routine in our practice?

That we would spend most of our time and energy on data management, documentation, billing or legal matters?

Certainly not. But that’s what we do every day. And our tasks are becoming ever more diversified and complicated.

Software systems that should help us to accomplish our daily work are outdated, incomplete and inflexible. Some of them even increase the workload instead of decreasing it.

The result: stress levels increase and the team is overloaded with administrative tasks. The frustration increases, the joy at work decreases. In the worst case scenario, minimal time is spent with each patient leading to a lack in patient trust.

Very little is left of what originally motivated us to start our own practice.

We are dedicated to our patients and their health. To take our time to help others. To be a trustworthy contact person.

We want to be able to concentrate on the fundamentals again: our patients and their health.


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We believe that behind every healthy patient lies: healthy medical practices with healthy doctors and healthy employees.

We need a solution that allows us to simultaneously perform administrative activities instead of permanently tearing ourselves away from the patient and our personal time.

What is required is an intelligent solution that covers all practice workflows which can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements.

A solution that simplifies and automates the processes and seamlessly integrates the patient into the practice. A solution that allows maximum time and focus on the treatment and well-being of the patient.

We have made a decision.

We are developing this solution.
For more time with patients.
For better patient service.
For sustainable success in practice.

We call it medondo.