Open job positions

Whether you apply for a specific job offer or take the initiative yourself …
this is where
your application arrives.

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A day with us

Good coffee and joy of work!

A successful day begins with a good cup of coffee. And when the team is motivated and rested, the work goes by smoothly.

Daily Scrum meeting and group lunch

The meeting takes place in our bright and lively meeting room (or dialed in from the home office). And the lunch break takes place in our beautiful kitchen or in a nearby restaurant.

Our in-house library and our spontaneous meetings

Innovation and creativity need a good knowledge base and of course a good team. We are a team that solves problems together.

Short breaks, see you tomorrow!

To recharge our batteries, we enjoy coffee, tea and other delicious drinks. A successful day comes to an end and we go home, or we spend some time in one of the bars in the area (except in times of corona – unfortunately).

Our awesome team!